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    Fabulous 50s:
    Grace, Power and Courage

    Nothing is more beautiful than a woman who has earned the right to stand in her own power. She has courage, but doesn’t consider herself perfect. Instead, she sees her flaws, both seen and unseen, as a part of her DNA that can be an inconvenience or an opportunity. She’s learned to manage her weaknesses plus leverage and celebrate her gifts and talents in a way that exudes her own internal fire and light. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, but she lives constantly from a place of passion and love for those that are important to her and she understands how she can impact the world. She uses the rest of her days to do so with grace and power that can only be forged through a myriad of life experiences.

    What it feels like: freedom from worrying about what others think, being comfortable in your own skin and looking forward to this exciting time of your life when you finally know where you’re going.