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    Boundaries and Balance:
    Transition, Clarity and Confidence

    In our 30s we start to explore our natural talents and gifting. If you were able to nail those things down, then you are able to transition into your 40s having more clarity and confidence about who you are and how that plays out in your life. Perhaps you had children by this point and you are trying to balance what it means to be a woman, a wife, a mother and all the other roles that are you. You have to establish boundaries and protect priorities that keep you on point and on purpose. Your 40s can be some of the most productive years in your life - although you may feel exhausted most of the time, it’s important that you not lose yourself during this time. You don’t want to forget who you are in the midst of all the chaos; in fact, the opposite is true. It is an optimal time for boldness and strong self-awareness where you know your own voice and are not afraid to “do you” on a grand scale. Now is not the time to be overwhelmed and put those things that are uniquely you on the back burner - it’s time to embrace the things that speak to your heart and bring joy to your spirit. Increase your capacity. Become more efficient by becoming more selective in our priorities. Define who you are.

    What it feels like: exhaustion, exhilaration, greater sense of purpose, self-awareness.