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    Stilettos and Grace Network was first founded by business woman Tangela Johnson in 2011 as a way for business women to come together and learn more about the way woman lead, conduct business, and the balance between their personal and professional lives. Women can be incredibly successful in all areas of life, leadership and business, but they approach all of them differently than their male counterparts. There isn’t a right or wrong approach, but at SGN we believe that because we are women, we need more of a balance in order to be content in all aspects of our lives.

    From this network came the idea of reaching out further to women who were ready to take the next step in their lives – whether it was a change in a career or profession or starting a business. Tangela came together with colleagues Angela Gordy and Agnes Richmond in order to help women gain the resources and support needed to begin what can be an exhilarating yet frightful journey to that next step. All three of these women faced the question of “what next?” Their reflection and assessment of their stage in life led them to starting their own businesses. They recall the bumpy road to success – the questions, the fears, finances, marketing, taxes and the list goes on. They each thought how helpful it would have been if there were a clear road map that provided all the information needed in one place and the support of like-minded women who have walked a similar path. Thus the next chapter in Stilettos and Grace was written.